About Just Add Tech

Just Add Tech is the culmination of over 20 years experience of working in various accounting and finance roles in industry and practice. Thousands of hours of learning, testing, researching and most importantly enjoying the world of accounting and in particular the software and technology required in todays world.

Working in finance and accounting you are positioned to have a major impact on the lives of small business owners, their employees and their families. This is a great honour.

The last couple of years has taught us the only constant is change. There has been a social and technological shift in our approach to work.

We live in a world of immediacy and accounts and finance departments across the world are not immune to that. It has never been harder for bookkeepers, accountants and finance teams within small businesses to keep on top of technology, tax and legislative changes but small business owners’ need quicker, better and cheaper financial insight to remain competitive.

Something needs to change, we need to make accounting and finance a more enjoyable experience, less stressful, more impactful and sustainable in terms of who can afford to access support.

Here is our three-step plan to help small business owners.


The world is changing, what new things have you learnt recently?

Nobody sets out to do a bad job but being poorly trained and inadequately supported leads to exactly that. This puts everyone under huge stress and small business owners and the team lose. Invest in your employees improve productivity, retain talent and improve operational efficiency.

73% of employees do not feel equipped to learn the digital skills needed by businesses.


You didn’t start a business to become a bookkeeper or accountant so why put yourself through it.

On average small business owners spend 15 hours a week doing financial admin! Swap the complicated world of accounts and finance for something you enjoy doing.

If your partner, the kids or the family dog are no longer the right fit for your growing business and you need something a bit more we can help with that.

Working with Just Add Tech does not mean replacing your current setup. We want to work with your existing team to get the best results for the business and the people involved. Whether you are looking for specific accounting and finance tasks to be carried out or a fully fledged handover of your finance function we will work with you to find the right solution


The world does not need more technology. The world needs people who can operate technology.

Our greatest solution has become our biggest problem. Can you honestly say you have optimised the technology you have?

To often a knee jerk reaction to a problem is to plug the gap with software. The phrase “there must be an app for that” becoming a staple business quote in offices across the world.

Only once we have determined that the human factor is a limitation on business should we start looking at the technology being used. People need to be at the heart of the decision making process. Once you have obliterated all people from your processes what is going to set you apart from the competition? Being human is what we do best.

We can help with research, consulting, testing, implementation and training on your chosen technology project.

We would ❤️ to hear from you. What is keeping you awake at night?

It’s good to talk and best of all it costs nothing.  We love helping small business owners and if we don’t have the answer chances are we know someone that will.

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