Xero accounting software – why you should use it

Xero accounting software has fast become the number 1 accounting software solution in the UK.

Accountancy and accountancy software had not changed much in recent times; that was until the explosion in cloud technology.

Since the beginning of the decade there has been a lot of innovation happening in the accounting software sphere.  Accounting or bookkeeping software is no longer something that the ‘bean counters’ work with.

It’s functionality and ease of use has made accounting software something the least confident of computer users can use.

So why should you use Xero accounting software?

Xero is bookkeeping software not built by accountants for accountants but business users for business people.

We love Xero accounting software and below we have listed 13 reasons why you should use accounting software.

#1. Have the freedom to choose where you work

Tired of being chained to your desk?

Work where you want, when you want.  You do of course need an internet connection but where these days do you go where there isn’t one?

Working online means you can be more efficient with your time and get the important things done when they need doing not when ‘I’m back in the office’.

A change is as good as a break so working from somewhere different once in a while will aid productivity and gives you and your staff flexibility to enjoy life.

#2. It’s secure and safe

Having all of you accounting data on a laptop which you leave in the car when you nip to the shop or pub after work is not secure.

Likewise backing up your data to a USB which you just leave lying around the place doesn’t quite cut it either.

Office fire anyone?  How long would it take you to recover from that one?

As long as it would take you to log in online from another computer as far as Xero is concerned.

For full specifications check out Xero Security.

#3. Collaborate with advisors

Sharing is caring.

Working in real time with your advisors means you get support and guidance based on timely, relevant and accurate information.

The decision-making process is easier and quicker giving you what you need when you need it not in 3 weeks’ time.

This also helps keep the costs under control as the work is completed quicker and in most cases Xero Partners bundle support into your monthly subscription so ‘the clock is ticking’ does not apply.

#4. Improve your productivity

The list of Xero features is plentiful, and they are built around one thing; to make you as a business more productive.

From automated bank feeds, to online invoicing and online payment methods and more there is something for everyone business to become more productive and spend more time doing the things that you went into business for in the first place.

#5. Benefit from a pay as you go subscription

Xero is accountancy software that does not cost the earth.

You will have a simple monthly subscription with no upfront costs, no set up fees, no initial configurations costs and no training costs.

It’s simplicity at its best.

If you need additional users, then that’s no problem the cost is still the same with no expensive upgrade fees or activation codes.

This saves you time, money and aids your cash flow. Sounds pretty good to us.

#6. No technical updates required

No IT geeks required. We promise.

How many man hours are wasted per annum upgrading your accounting software from those disks sent out in the post?  I don’t know either, but it is time best spent doing something else.

Is your accountant on a different version of Sage than you?

Thought so.

You need to upgrade which costs you money.

You can’t get the disk to work so after a day of wrestling with the server you give up and call in the big guys – the IT support company.

This costs you more money and wastes more time.

Your server and PC’s are not running with enough memory for the latest power-hungry desktop accounting software and need upgrading.

That new member of staff needs connecting to the data on the server.

Your costs are spiralling out of control and you are losing the will to live.

You, your staff and your accountant all share the same data and version of the software meaning the world is a better place to do business.

Not having to ship data back and forth means less chance of data corruption and less time wasted working out who has the latest copy.

Everyone is on the same meaning you can work harmoniously.

#7. Comes with an easy to use mobile app

In this day and age of hyper-connectivity what better way to spend those wasted seconds completing simple accounting tasks from your phone.

Forgot to raise an invoice?

Need to check if that customer has paid?

Need to double check you have the correct customer address?

All of this and more can be achieved with a few taps on the Xero mobile app. 

#8. Support & training is easy to come by

We have never had cause to contact Xero Support more than once for an issue.

We have received an answer to my question which answered my question first time.

We cannot quantify in words how helpful that is.

Sounds basic and simple we know but think about the wasted time on the phone, the frustration, the anger and ultimately the unresolved issue that you have worked around up until now.

It doesn’t have to be like that and Xero have built a product around it.  They even give you lots of free help and support in the guise of Xero U and Xero TV.

#9. It’s ridiculously easy and simple to use

Xero’s greatest asset is its simplicity and ease of use.

You can be up and running quickly.

When staff leave as they do it will not take someone new ages to get to grips with the system.

This all contributes to happy productive staff and all business owners know how important that is.

#10. Addons that make your business operate smoothly

Finance and accounting is at the core of what every business does each decision made will impact on the accounting transactions somewhere along the line.

Stop paper pushing, stop double handing, stop triple posting.

Get your staff to add real value to your business products and services by linking your core functions and software together and make finance an entry-less activity.

There are over 700+ time saving apps that connect with Xero.

Your competition is already using this to their advantage.  Check out the Xero Addons page to find out what you could be doing.

#11. Leverage the knowledge of Xero Partners

Xero go to great lengths to work with amazing Xero Partners.

They have created loyalty between themselves and Partners.

Most traditional accountancy firms see other accountants as the enemy.

Xero Partners see each other as comrades and traditional accountants as the enemy.

That means they actually speak to one another (oh yes scary isn’t it), support one another and most importantly of all share.

Sharing best practice means we learn and grow and our clients, staff and partners all benefit from this enhanced expertise.

#12. Innovation that keeps evolving

Xero’s success to date has been down to their relentless drive to innovate in a market that has been stagnant for so long.

Features such as automated bank feeds have revolutionised the way accounting software works and the time it takes to carry out repetitive mundane tasks.

Working with Machine Learning and AI Xero continue to look at ways that they can make the small business owners life as easy as possible.

No other company in our opinion is doing more in the marketplace right now. 

#13. Making tax digital

The UK Government are implementing Making Tax Digital from April 2019.

This will be one of the biggest changes to the way UK businesses operate and submit data to HMRC- ever.

Being one of the leaders in the field Xero are gearing up to be fully compliant with this change.

Being a cloud-based product updates and changes will be updated in the system without you doing timely software upgrades ensuring you are fully compliant with HMRC legislation.

Read more about the Xero Making Tax Digital strategy.

Final Thoughts

If you are ready to make the switch to Xero and need help and support with a migration product then call us today.

We are one of the UK’s leading Xero migration expert and help businesses every year make a seamless transition.

Click here to find out more.

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