Sage to Xero Conversion

Sage Conversion to Xero

If you are ready to move on from the desktop world and join the 21st century you can get a Sage to Xero Conversion.  This means you can bring across Sage accounting transactions data and convert it into Xero taking advantage of the benefits of Xero cloud accounting.  All you have to do is upload a Sage file and voila the process is started.  The process can normally be completed within 48 hours and Just Add Tech can manage the whole process for you from consultation through to training.

Benefits of cloud accounting

If you are reading this then you have probably already done your research on the benefits of cloud accounting and want to make hay whilst the sun shines and leave everyone else still scrabbling around in the dark.  Sorry Sage users out there but there is a new dawn in digital accounting and you may be missing out.

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Why A Sage to Xero Conversion?

The biggest road block we face when people want to use Xero is the mentality that people want to bring across their Sage data.  The first question we ask is Why?

  1. Why do you want to bring across your data?  You are making a fresh start take advantage.
  2. How much time do you spend looking backwards?  We want you to look forwards not backwards.
  3. What sort of shape is your current Sage data in?  If I gave you a clean piece of paper after you spilt coffee on the first one why would you start writing on the coffee stained paper?

We can’t legislate for the attachment people have to their historical data so if you really want to bring the baggage with you then that’s your call.  The advantages of a Sage Conversion to Xero are:

  1. You will have access to up to the last 24 months of transactional data
  2. You will have your customer and suppliers contact records good to go
  3. Your chart of accounts will be converted giving you familiar account codes to use
  4. Customer and supplier balances will be converted meaning you know exactly where you are from day one

Sage Conversion to Xero Planning

An accounting system conversion should be a daunting task and would be for many but not to a seasoned company like us who have helped several clients through the conversion.  It is definitely a case of ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ in this instance.  As we know the pros and cons we have put together a Xero Conversion Planner for you which is attached below containing 25 stages which is the bear minimum we would recommend to get up and running :

Click here for our free Xero Conversion Planner.

Xero Conversion Planning

A Sage to Xero conversion does not have to be a scary thing in fact it can be quite the opposite and many users are left wondering why they didn’t take a leap of faith earlier.

Once you have uploaded your Sage file then you will not be able to process any more data as this will not be transferred.  If you prefer you might wish to do this so you can carry on with normal operating and then re-key that data into Xero when your conversion is complete.  We would not recommend this but if business needs dictate that you must carry on then you need to do what suits you.

Xero Post Conversion Tasks

There are some things that the conversion process simply cannot handle and for that there is some manual intervention required but these are one of tasks and can be resolved quickly.  This is where Just Add Tech ca help as we have done this many times before.  Do you really want to spend timing learning how to do something and only use it once?

Xero Post Conversion Set Up

To take advantage of your nice new shiny toy you need to actually read the instructions.  Don’t be all male about it, actually read the instructions.  If you have are converting to Xero from Sage you have not made the decision lightly so don’t waste the competitive advantage you have just gained.

Make sure you visit Xero TV for a vast array of How To videos and much more and also don’t miss out on the free Xero training and events at Xero U.

On top of Xero Conversion Planner we have also put together our guide on what we think are the Top 10 Xero Features you should take advantage of do post Xero Conversion.  This is our take on what clients find to the most beneficial parts of the system and sometimes just the cool bits that they have not seen before.

Sage to Xero Conversion – What Now?

If reading the above has given you enough to go on and you want to start taking advantage of Xero’s online accounting software and want to partner with Xero legends then get in touch.  Let’s have a chat and see of we can help move your business forward and help remove you from your bookkeeping hell.

As a Xero Partner we have worked with over 150 Xero subscribers so you can feel safe in the knowledge that if you do the Xero Post Conversion Set Up list you will be killing it from day one.

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