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So here’s the thing. we know what you are thinking.  Yes you can provide this service to your clients yourself, yes you could keep all the profits, yes you could spend your life trapped in a never ending cycle of new products, new features and client questions.

We have spent many man hours sat in dark little spaces researching, learning, testing and breaking apps so you don’t have to.  It hasn’t been pretty and at times we have questioned our sanity.  Don’t do it to yourself you deserve better.  There is sunshine and fresh air and people out there.

Here are some of the advantages of being a partner of Just Add Tech:

  • Sounding Board – not sure of the answer simply ask us
  • Client protection – you made an introduction to help, you didn’t implement a solution so cannot be accountable for problems
  • Client retention – if you don’t tell them there is a better way to work, someone else will.  We can help you find the right answers.
  • Staff resources – who are you going to choose to be your cloud champion?  There must be hundreds of people with the skills out there?  Good luck.
  • Staff training – Xero alone has over 750+ apps.  No one person can know and understand them all let alone keep on top of the new products and features.
  • Income generation – we want to work with you long term so we will pay you to help your clients.

Fill in the form below to become one of our partners. You can receive a commission on clients that you refer to us.  For more information read the Referral Partner Agreement on the link below.

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