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Setting up a new business is difficult enough then you realise there is all this admin and bookkeeping that needs doing.  We simply didn’t have time to fit it all in.  When our accountants recommended that Just Add Tech could link our booking system to our accounting system to create something that scales with no data entry it was a no brainer.  We can concentrate on growing the business knowing the systems are doing the admin.

– Mark Smallbones, Complete Active Ltd –

Business Name: Complete Active Ltd

Commencement Date: April 2018

Nature of Job: Linking the online booking system to online accounting system so no sales invoicing data entry is required.

Systems Used: Xero and Stripe

Key Issues:
  • Business startup requiring no touch or low touch accounting
  • Business owners with little experience of running a business
  • Online booking system which housed membership packages and took credit card payments but data needed replicating in accounts system
  • No bookkeeping or admin resource available
How Was This Job Won:

Referral from accountant who understood the needs of the business but lacked the inhouse knowledge to implement a solution. Upon review of the company’s current sales and invoicing process it was obvious that the current systems would lead to a lot of double handling of data. This was highlighted as a key area to discuss with the client as it could not afford to spend so much time and money processing reasonably low value transactions.  At the meeting, this issue was discussed, including the fact that we could integrate the two systems together to avoid any duplication of work.

Describe Job:

After reviewing the online booking system we established there was no direct integration with the online accounting system.  We would therefore need to research any viable solutions to connect the two systems together.  To assist the company in addressing these key issues, we worked alongside the client and their accountant to review, research and test a solution.  The key outcomes were:

  • We were able to connect the systems together using the credit card processor of Stripe rather than going direct from the online booking system
  • Alongside the accountant we were able to test that the correct data was being pulled through from the integration and that it was compliant from an accounting and tax point of view
  • Once testing was complete we were able to make the system live and assign the account over to the client so they can manage and edit going forward
As a Result:
  • Integrated booking system, credit card processing and accounting system together
  • Created a data free sales invoicing process ensuring no admin or bookkeeping resource will ever be required for sales through the booking system
  • Bank Reconciliation automation enabling accurate, fast sales invoice allocation to credit card receipts.
  • The accountant was able to bring the accounts up to speed year to date within a matter of minutes
  • The business owners are free to concentrate on what they are good at
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