We can reduce the number of apps we are using which is great news financially and will make the lives easier for the team. The development of technology is happening at such a fast rate and HR specialists like ourselves need to keep on top of it. Our entrepreneurial clients expect it of us and hence our investment.

– Debbie Cohen, Streetwise HR –

Business Name: Streetwise HR

Commencement Date: July 2018

Nature of Job: Consultancy

Systems Used: Xero, Trello, Highrise, Harvest, Sharefile, Office 365, CharlieHR

Key Issues:
  • Multiple software applications being used within the business. This has resulted in high software costs.
  • Double manual entry of data on different systems. These systems can integrate with each other but are not setup to do so.
  • The CRM system caused pain points for staff members due to its functionality such as duplicating email chains and incorrectly auto grouping emails based on the subject.
  • The Internal HR system is not popular among staff due to its functionality and poor experience of support received from the SaaS provider. The system also doesn’t integrate with the finance system.
  • Training for Xero was required for staff to run frequently used reports and to use Xero to its full potential.
How Was This Job Won:

Introduction from a Non-Exec Director who we have worked with in the past.  They recognized the growing pains the company was going through with systems growing organically and needed an external pruning.

Describe Job:

Like most small businesses, Streetwise HR has gone through a series of growth spurts.  Every time a growth spurt happened they adopted another piece of software that seemed to sort the capacity crisis that they had at that time.

So, with a portfolio of seven different suites they had a whole bunch of really good apps that were not talking to one another or duplicating data they could retrieve from one source. The thing is the team at Streetwise HR didn’t know that.

Having reached another significant milestone in the growth plans it was time to review their working capacity and resources.  Enter Jon and Mike from Just Add Tech.

Between them Jon and Mike spent the best part of 3/4 day talking to the Streetwise HR team about what they were using, why they chose a particular application, who used which and how they used each resource.  When Just Add Tech felt they had enough information they pulled together a well thought through proposal.

Just Add Tech helps, supports, advises and guides. The consultancy service answers any questions a business may have in relation to its existing processes, procedures and systems.  Sometimes a complete overhaul is not required, it is possible all you need is someone to help you connect the dots.

As a Result:
  • StreetwiseHR were in a position to investigate using Office 365 as a direct replacement for Highrise which would save them money
  • Use Microsoft Planner within Office 365 rather than Trelllo
  • Look at the potential of running payroll through Xero once the above is bedded in
  • Training session to be held on Management Information Reporting using Xero
  • Series of one to one training session on Office 365 to get the most out of the new process, procedures and systems.
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