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As the company was growing quickly it was really important that we started to take on more in-house and bolster our admin resource.  Starting with payroll seemed like a scary place to begin but the guidance, support and training received from Just Add Tech was second to none.  Not only have we been able to save costs but it has also improved internal communications and speed of turnaround.  The procedure documents mean that even when we have staff changes the payroll is still handled in a consistent manner.  Getting peoples pay wrong is one of the most emotive things there is. 

– Steve Darbyshire, Airbourne Colours Ltd – www.airbournecolours.com

Business Name: Airbourne Ltd

Commencement Date: August 2017

Nature of Job: Setup and configuration of Xero Payroll,  create procedure documents and train staff on the systems and procedures.

Systems Used: Xero and Receipt Bank

Key Issues:
  • Business growing with multiple site locations
  • Employee mix changing so frequency of payroll needed to change
  • Payroll provider could not meet new demands and timescales required
  • Did not want to employ additional resource to complete this task
How Was This Job Won:

Referral from accountant who understood the needs of the business but lacked the resource to take on the increased workload. Upon review of the company’s current payroll process it was obvious that the current systems would be able to cope with the changes being made.  The issue was simply one of capacity and not wholesale system changes.  The data being collated was sufficient for the job to be completed in-house.  This was highlighted as a key area to discuss with the client. At the meeting, this issue was discussed, including the fact that the company did not need to change processes and systems but train someone in-house to take on this workload.

Describe Job:

To assist the company in addressing these key issues, we worked alongside the client and their payroll provider to understand the key processes and responsibilities in place. These sessions helped to help identify whether the objectives and systems were aligned. The key outcomes of these sessions were:

  • The processes in place were adequate to deal with the change in frequency and increase in employees
  • There was absolutely no internal experience of how Xero Payroll worked
  • No internal members of staff had any experience or knowledge of payroll
  • The business was seasonal so it made sense to implement the changes and training to coincide with the new season
  • Internal staff were identified as the natural fit to take on this new role
  • Roles and responsibilities were assigned to the people involved in the process.  Timescales for implementation were agreed.

As we knew that the software being used was Xero Payroll we could set to work immediately on creating the procedure documents tailored to the clients internal procedures.

As a Result:
  • The company now processes a fortnightly payroll in-house putting them in total control
  • Departmental reporting has been setup to allow for wage reporting by location
  • Written procedure documents and onsite training means that there is cover when someone is sick or on holiday
  • BACS files can be generated with the payroll for easy import into online banking avoiding data entry and payment errors whilst creating segregation of duties
  • Thousands have been saved in payroll bureau processing charges
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