a person skilled in the technique of an art or craft

What is a technician?

A technician is a specialist in the technical details of a subject or occupation.

At Just Add Tech our chosen subject or occupation is accounting. It takes years of training and honing your skills to become a truly great technician in the world of finance and accounting. Being a great accountant doesn’t stop when you pass four or more years of exams then complete a minimum of three years practical, relevant work experience.

If you are passionate and enjoy what you do you should be constantly learning and innovating. We build that into our day to day life by never working with so many clients that we cannot take time to explore, play, be creative and enjoy what we do.

The result is that finance should be fun and impactful. We enjoy what we do and there is nothing wrong with that. But….there is only one way this is sustainable and that is by limiting the number of businesses we work with by not overloading our team. So we work on a small number of outsourced finance jobs and the rest of the time we invest in learning Technique to be better and new Technology to be faster and willingly share that with everyone.

Find your thing and you will get more out of life. If accounting could be your thing or you just want to dislike it less have you checked out our list of training programmes?

If accounting is not your thing don’t worry we can help you with a bunch of finance related tasks that might not float your boat.

Outsourced Finance
Do you want to run your own finance department or get the experts to do it?
Financial Controller
Do you have a finance team but not sure you are getting the most from them or your financial data? Talk to us.
Management Info
Do you want more control? Do you wish you could make better quicker decisions? Talk to us.
Financial Modelling
Ever wondered what it would feel like to have a business roadmap? What would you plan and how would you get there? Let us help.
Finance Training
Ever wondered what you could achieve if you were given a little bit of direction? You are capable of so much more.
Systems Support
In need of an upgrade but don't know where to start? Mind boggling isn't it. Let us help.

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