If you are serious about your business then hire an expert.

We are here to help, support, advise and guide.  We can work alongside you and your existing team should you have one.

Our app advisory service is here to answer any questions you may have in relation to your existing processes, procedures and systems.  Sometimes a complete overhaul is not required and we take a consultative approach to our work.  Perhaps all you need is someone to help you connect the dots.  All that is required are some minor tweaks not full blown surgery.

The Process – Triple R

Just Add Tech like to have processes, procedures and systems for everything.  Some find Consultancy a little wishy washy in terms of output so we have detailed below what you would be getting from Just Add Tech should you engage us to complete a Consultancy Project.

  • Research

    We will spend time with you in your business to identify the problem and pain points.

  • Refine

    Using the information from the site visit we will review and refine the possible solutions.

  • Report

    We will provide you with a report with detailed analysis of the issues and the best fit solution.

“After you have received your report, if you proceed with us to implement our recommended best fit solution your consultancy fee will be refunded.”

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