Probably one of the biggest objections we hear to moving systems is the worry about loss of data and history.  There will be some occasions where we say “to hell with history”.  Who wants to have a nice new shiny vehicle and then fill it with old, incomplete and inaccurate data?

In most instances starting from scratch is not an option.  For example if you have purchased a business and they are working on different software solutions.  You will want to bring that data across into one system.  We can help you with the following:

Data Cleansing

Not all data is good data.  Before you think about migrating data you will want to clean it up and make sure that it is worthy of being rehoused.

Data Extraction

Once a decision has been made about what data to keep it needs to be extracted from the system or systems.  This can be a simple or difficult exercise depending on the systems in place.

Data De-Duplication

The likelihood is that at some point in the past you will have ended up with multiple records for the contact.  This can have disastrous consequences like paying the same contact twice.

Data Formatting

Manually entering data into systems doesn’t float most peoples boat.  With a little bit of manipulation we can format your data into the right format to save all that data entry.

Data Import

Now we are ready to rock.  Time to get that data into your system.  We can manage that process for you to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your data migration.

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