a skilful or efficient way of doing or achieving something

How can Just Add Tech help with Technique?

Pretty simple really. If you are using Xero or any of its addon products such as Hubdoc, Dext, GoCardless etc we will bet you are leaving time and money at the table each and everyday.

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned pro or a newbie when it comes to digital accounting and Xero in particular we have seen enough in our time to know there is a teeny tiny percentage of people on planet Earth doing it well.

How can you be so remarkably confident in your conviction you may ask? Put us to the test and we will show you.

How does it work?

You provide us with access to your Xero organisation.

We will have a look through your Xero organisation and provide you with details on where improvements can be made.

We can work with your bookkeeper or accountant by providing training om the key areas of improvement or we can complete the work ourselves and then handover.

By training on the areas that represent the biggest risks and pain we reduce the amount of training time required which enables quicker return on investment. We are only training on the areas that need attention which enables the user to make a positive impact quicker and not get bored being taught stuff they already know.

Why Just Add Tech?

We have over 20 years experience working within business on all things financial from a process, procedure and systems point of view.

We have been a Xero partner for over 10 years, built software that integrates with Xero and even written a book on the subject. Below you can see what Xero Managing Director Gary Turner had to say about our Managing Director Jon Jenkins.


Software on its own isn’t enough and so before the UK’s millions of business owners and managers can hope to benefit from this new era, they first need to grasp what it means practically, and how they might approach harnessing it. And it is in this regard that the author of this book, Jon Jenkins, is well qualified having helped hundreds of small businesses adapt to and embrace cloud software. As managing director at Xero, I first met Jon around 5 years ago and was struck by both his passion and his clarity of vision about the potential cloud software had for transforming the productivity of small businesses in particular and it has been a pleasure to observe Jon go on to help, coach, and advise many hundreds of companies since that time.


This book is the distillation of Jon’s own expertise and ability together with countless practical insights gained through working with all those companies and business owners.


Gary Turner, ex-Managing Director, Xero

We would ❤️ to hear from you. What is keeping you awake at night?

It’s good to talk and best of all it costs nothing.  We love helping small business owners and if we don’t have the answer chances are we know someone that will.

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