Taking on a large client base is a daunting task. We knew we needed good systems to implement and manage this and needed a partner as we did not have the capacity. Just Add Tech ensured the setting up; training and monitoring the new processes was seamless and worked closely with us and our accountants. They have been invaluable in increasing our turnover but more importantly keeping our cash flowing. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to be more efficient and effective to improve client service and company profits.

– Tony Raybould, Radikls Ltd – www.radikls.com

Business Name: Radikls Ltd

Commencement Date: January 2018

Nature of Job: Data Manipulation, Salesforce to Xero Import, Credit Card and Debit Card Processing

Systems Used: Salesforce, Xero, Go Cardless, Stripe and Directli

Key Issues:
  • Business Acquisition doubling business in size and different CRM and accounting solutions
  • Manual processing of sales invoicing in Xero from Salesforce CRM
  • Different payment methods offered to new customers
  • No additional accounting or Credit Control resource available
How Was This Job Won:

Referral from accountant who understood the needs of the business but lacked the inhouse knowledge to implement a solution. Upon review of the company’s current sales and invoicing process it was obvious that the current systems would not cope with a doubling of output without more than doubling the resource. This was highlighted as a key area to discuss with the client. At the meeting, this issue was discussed, including the fact that the company needed to change processes and systems to ensure a smooth transition for new customers. Upsetting new or old customers could mean that the acquisition was not financially viable.

Describe Job:

To assist the company in addressing these key issues, we worked alongside the client and their outsourced finance department to understand the key processes and responsibilities in place. These sessions helped to help identify whether the objectives and systems were aligned. The key outcomes of these sessions were:

  • Each party had a lack of understanding around how the others work was completed
  • Manual interventions and duplication of data input was created meaning additional workload and possible errors
  • There was a need to reduce the data input and duplication to ensure time was available for a smooth transition and a single database of customer details
  • There were multiple differences between the existing companies invoicing and payment process and that of the business being acquired. This needed to be replicated to reduce any friction for the new customer base
  • It was going to be a difficult period of transition for the outsourcing company as the acquisition was taking place mid-January during tax season
  • Neither party had significant free time to project manage and implement the changes

Because of these issues, we then completed thorough research of the options available and worked with the client and outsourcers to review these. We then went through a process of testing, selection, implementation and training.

As a Result:
  • The company has setup 150+ customers with Direct Debit including transferring 40 existing Standing Order customers.
  • Reduced Credit Card Processing fees from 3.4% to 1.4% by switching from PayPal to Stripe
  • Improved cash collections and debtor days whilst not increasing bookkeeping or credit control resource
  • Created an import file from Salesforce to Xero for weekly sales invoicing reducing the errors made by rekeying data and making the process quicker. Doubling the level of invoices has had no effect on the amount of resource required to complete the invoicing.
  • Bank Reconciliation automation enabling accurate, fast sales invoice allocation to Direct Debits. Automated email reminders can be emailed from Xero.
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